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General programming ....
The combination of merging QB/FB forums and adding thread icons
showing the language sounds reasonable to me.

But icons conserning post importance Like "Attention!" "Help!" "HELP!!"
Quote:But icons conserning post importance Like "Attention!" "Help!" "HELP!!"...No.

Quoted for emphasis and full agreement.
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Well attention would be for mods only. Like for rules or announcements from mods. On that mod at FBTK, in the admin panel there are options to set which icons can be used by each usergroup.
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How would these look:

(Smart Dark WIPs)
[Image: fb_icon.gif]

[Image: qb_icon.gif]

[Image: vb_icon.gif]

[Image: vbn_icon.gif]

:roll: No transparency yet mind... :wink: .. These are just wips...
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

[Image: 11895-r.png]
Another example, userbars lookalike...
[Image: 16846-r.png]
(EDIT Scaling and stuff is possible, the original is SVG vector graphics)

as long as either the post icons look like rattraps or I get to design a set for subOracle >_>

Im so obsessed with having a nice looking forum..
The less is forced on to people, the better..
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