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First Contest!
What do you do when you get too much of a good thing, like fruitcake? You dump it on someone else of course! Tongue

This month is hosting its first-ever programming contest! As far as I know no one else has done this, so we're making history here! The grand prize is $25 in cold, hard, virtual PayPal cash. Want to get in on the action? Here's how:

1. Sign up on the forums.
2. Make a demo or short game in QuickBasic that's no larger than 96kb, compiled and unarchived (unzipped/unrared/unwhatever).
3. Submit it to the filebase under the "Contest #1" catagory by 12:00pm Friday night, February 3rd, to be eligible for judging.
4. Community judging begins Saturday morning (whenever I get up and make the poll), February 4th. Get all your friends to sign up and vote for your entry!

What are you waiting for?! Get coding! Stop reading this!

...Why are you still reading this? :???:
1. No thanks.
2. My system refuses to run ANYTHING DOS. Beats me why.
3. What timezone? :|
4. See 3.

For Pp$25 I wouldn't spend more than half an hour making it anyway. All my ideas take months to perfect.

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Not to sound rude Anarky, but normally you wouldn't get paid for such a thing at all. I quite like the idea of the prize!
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Sorry, just had an moment...

Screwing with your reality since 1998.
Mark, sounds like an excellent competition. Very generous of (you?) to donate money towards competition prizes, you should be sure to get some quality entries.

By the way, you should make sure to specify standalone (or not) compilation. :)

Anarky: STFU. He is being great, noone else except Nek has ever offered a physical prize before. You dont need to be so conceited.
That is very generous. Too bad the community doesn't have more like this. Good luck! Tongue
Quote:noone else except Nek has ever offered a physical prize before.
Wow, someone remembered. Big Grin
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It's a bit ambiguous.. can you use separate files, for instance?
Also, I think we all know that competing in this is futile.. Just take one of syn9's games or some other genius's games and voila.
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PS.- QBasic Wink That's limiting enough to bring a lot of people (not everyone, of course) to a simmilar level.
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it doesn't look like anyones entered, and its deadline is today.... I might just enter a 96Kb hello world and take the money.
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