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Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament
na_th_an Wrote:P.S.2.: I wonder why Bulma Produktions is not in the list. I can bet that Suds Skins was the game which boosted the downloads in VPlanet back then :lol:

Bulma is on the list! (Division 1)

Sorry I forgot my glasses Big Grin

Time to write Clara to tell her - it's been ages since I last talked to her.
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Heh. Well, I'm flattered, but there's no way in the world I deserve to be anywhere on that list. Not that it matters, seeing as I'm up against Mark Hall, Piptol, Lachie and syn9 Smile
Everyone vote! Only a few days left.
Pete's QB Site:
Shouldn't this really be "who is the best", not "what"? Anyway, are we just voting for Division 1 now?
I think, perhaps, it's a vote on the best game of all time, regardless of who wrote it, then as a result, the winning game's author get's the prize.

Am I right, Pete?

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Quote:Shouldn't this really be "who is the best", not "what"? Anyway, are we just voting for Division 1 now?

I guess I wrote "What is the best developer?" referring to a developing group / entity... like Darkness Ethereal or Hamster Republic. If there were only individual programmers (instead of groups), "who" would definitely be the right word to choose.
Pete's QB Site:
I think if developer is being used as a collective noun, you would still use "Who" just it would be "are" instead of "is" (which would look silly, too). But who makes more sense, because we are in fact voting on the developer themselves, right? And the games are just there for reference? Because I'm sure many people would vote for Bulma's games Tongue when in fact other developers may have been more innovating and a little more kid friendly. :oops: Most of the development "groups" are single people anyways... like Hamster Republic and Darkness Ethereal. 8)

Anyways, it is a bit confusing: are we only voting for the first division right now? Cause that's the only poll I see on the web page, and if so will this really be a 6 month voting process?
Sweet! I was part of Darkness Ethereal until it ended, although none of the projects we were working on were released... I still wonder if that was my fault, or if Darkdread just lost his motivation for personal reasons.

This is a cool idea Smile It brings back some good ol' memories.

Personally, I'll vote for one who released a full game, or at least a large demo (engines are cool, but they're not games ;-)).

Oh yeah, I've made up my choice for division 1 Big Grin
I've made up my mind on a couple of them, but
I just can't figure out who to vote for on some!

>_< Headache!
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