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Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament
What is the best QBasic game developer of all time?

With the help of Lachie Dazdarian, I've decided to run a tournament to find out who the community thinks is the greatest QB game programmer / programming group of all time.

The two of us have nominated the 50 top QB game developers, who we feel deserve special recognition for their contributions to the QB gaming scene. From these 50 choices, YOU are going to vote to select the greatest QB game programmer. The winner will receive a special award at the Qlympics 2006, which will take place in QB Express over the next few months.

I've randomly split up the nominees into five divisions. You will get to vote for the top developer in each division, and then we will have a final vote between the five finalists.

So, without further ado, here are the nominees:
    Aleksander Trojanowski (ATTE series)
    Bulma Produktions (Suds Skins 1 & 2, Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures 1&2)
    CMC (DarkPhear)
    Hamster Republic (Wandering Hamster, SpitWar, RPG, Cowbobs)
    Hyper Anime (BAkuen SakuRu, Kunio Kun)
    Pieslice Productions(MUX, TerraScape)
    RelSoft & Adigun A. Polack (Frantic Journey)
    Shattered Realm Productions (TWIGZ Engine, The Great Escape)
    TopGun Software (Space Commando 1&2)
    Typosoft(Ped xing's Quest, Sumo, SuperSumo 1&2)

    Darkness Ethereal (Mattress Warrior, Secret Of Cooey series, In The Nocturne, Mysterious Song, Lianne in the Dark Crown, Legend of Lith II)
    Eric Carr (SpinBall)
    focus ZERO (Monkey Blast!)
    J.B. (Sonic Xtreme)
    Master Creating (Shadow Of Power, Diamond Fighter IV)
    M \ K Productions (Pieces 1&2, Bob Saget Killer 2000, Fury)
    Na_th_an (Jill The Goddess, Lala Prologue, Oytkator's Plans)
    Pantera55 (Elysian Fields)
    Pasco (Groov Buggies, France '98 World Cup Soccer)
    Sasha Vukelich (Dynamic - The Colonization of Jupiter)

    Piptol (Ghini Run, Squealer TNT, Kingdoms)
    Future Software (BomberZone, Zelda Clone, Cobra, Space Invaders)
    Jocke The Beast (Dark Woods 1&2, Mirkwood)
    Lachie Dazdarian (Detective Academy, Ball Blazing Fantasy, Rocket Fuel Mayhem, Dark Quest, Another World Memory, Run 'Em Over, Pong Worz)
    Mark Hall (ARC Legacy)
    Oren Bartal (Super Stack, Ultimate Super Stack)
    syn9 (ZeroG)
    Stefan Hendriks (Arrakis)
    Terry Cavanagh (The Hunt, Black Hole)
    WisdomDude (Hack-Man 2&3, Cyber Chick)

    BINARYmagic (Alien Terror, Anaconda)
    BjM Software (DreamScape)
    Danny Gump (Mystical Journey, Super Mario World Clone)
    Jason Gould / The_Brain (Puz, Peanut Patrol 2)
    JAWS V Soft (Mini RPG series)
    Mike Snyder (Lunatix, Lexter 1&2)
    Nekrophidius (Wrath Of Sona, Two Lords)
    PHAT Kids(Kids of Karendow Chapter 1, PHAT Professional Burglar)
    SV Reanimator (PromZone, Cyclone)
    TMB (Percussor, Around The World, The Little Pixie 2, The Adventures)

    Angelo Mottola (WetSpot 1&2)
    Delta Code(Larry The Dinosaur 1&2, Unofficial Tournament)
    Jace Masula (CODELINK, StarQuest)
    Kevin Reems (Stick Fighters Brawl 1&2)
    Michael Hoopman (Dark Ages)
    Milo Sedlacek (MonoSpace)
    Nick London / NutzBoy (Peanut Patrol)
    SonicBlue Productions (SB's Bricks)
    StarsDev (The Terror)
    Tsugumo (Untitled, TheGame)

In order to vote, visit the front page of Pete's QB Site. (The poll can be found in the left column.)

Good luck to all the nominees -- and may the best developer win!
Pete's QB Site:
By the way, the first round of voting ends when QB Express #19 comes out, so make sure you vote soon!
Pete's QB Site:
Good idea. There are going to be some hard choices to make!
Very hard choices... I hate having Typosoft and Hamster Republic in the same first group. 8) I'm pretty sure Typo will win that one, though, as I absolutely loved Ped Xing/Sumo.

[EDIT:] btw, Pantera55 changed to Unholy Water and was also responsible for the Hellpit Trilogy and a game I believe called Gladiator. And some sort of car fighting game... I was a fan. :wink:
It's not fair, I have strong contenders such as Darkness Ethereal :lol: Nice list, time to vote. Cya!

P.S.: No, I won't vote for myself Tongue

P.S.2.: I wonder why Bulma Produktions is not in the list. I can bet that Suds Skins was the game which boosted the downloads in VPlanet back then :lol:
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Quote:P.S.2.: I wonder why Bulma Produktions is not in the list. I can bet that Suds Skins was the game which boosted the downloads in VPlanet back then :lol:

Bulma is on the list! (Division 1)
Pete's QB Site:
Some tough groups there, for sure. I guess as no one is really developing in QB anymore this will be a kind of 'final battle' Big Grin

Do you realise that Sasha Vukelich is listed in both div 2 and 3?
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Whoa...look at DIVISION 5 :o A impossible pick....

Angelo Mottola, Delta Code, Tsugumo, Michael Hoopman and Milo Sedlacek in the same division? Phew...almost impossible :-?

Btw, nice & funny idea!
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Quote:Do you realise that Sasha Vukelich is listed in both div 2 and 3?

Whoops! My mistake. I took off the second listing for Sasha and added another coding group: Future Software.

I also went through and alphabetized the list.

Quote:Whoa...look at DIVISION 5 :o A impossible pick....

I'm considering taking the top two vote getters from each division and doing another round of voting... or maybe even having a "Top Ten". It depends on whether the voting is decisive for one winner, or very close.
Pete's QB Site:
I wish I had a QB game finished...

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