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EDIT: Voting has begun! Go sign up and vote for your favorite submission!'s first programming contest, which has been extended twice, will come to a close at 12:00 on Friday night, Feburary 24th. Community judging will begin Saturday morning and last the entire week. We still need one more entry! :o

Basicly, make something (read the rules on first, there have been some modifications), submit it, and then get all your friends to sign up and vote for your creation!

Whoever wins still gets $25 USD through Paypal. Big Grin
I'm glad that it's finishing, but you need to allow more than one weekend for voting. You'll get like 10 votes in a weekend.
Pete's QB Site:
True, true. Maybe a week?
a week is better yes...maybe 10 days even :-).
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

[Image: kaffee.gif]
[Image: mystikshadows.png]

need hosting:
All about ASCII:
I think a week is a enough, don't you? I changed it to that at least. There's still time left for revisions...
I went to to read the rules, and much to my dismay, the contest is reserved for demos and games. That really narrows it down and leaves a lot of people out, like me. I'm into utilities.
We're having another contest soon, Moneo, so hold on to whatever you've got.

Btw, voting's open now, so go check it out!

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