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lol... I have 2 computers (fastest one is 667mhz and freezes all the time) and 1 latop (486/dx ancient) my bro has 1, my parents have 1 pc (200mhz) and 1 laptop (366mhz) lol... so, no one touches mine! only trouble I get is they have to know all the time what I'm doing... where is the trust these days! :rotfl:
He he, here, i Denmark, a broadband connection is just 15$/month. But, its only 128KB, for 256, its doubled. But still cheap!

url=]CopyPasta[/url] - FilePasta
no fair! :-) lol, they have a monopoly here, so they charge what they want... I might be getting it, I already now have a web client paying me $30 a month for misc. updates! :-) and most likely another one next month added to that! all happend today!

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