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Kingdoms Rebuilt with FreeBASIC


You are my hero!
will Live Forever, or Die Trying >_<;;
Quote: I also noticed that when you start a new game, things aren't being cleared up, for instance people won't loan you money if you had some in a prior game.

yeah, same here
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I have a glitch where when "Uneventful days go by" the palette freaks out on me Big Grin, meaning it glitched.

Also, when I battle someone, the palette also messes up ^_^;; With a game like Kingdoms, can't you just set it to 24-bit mode (you can do that with 8-bit images you know)? I don't see speed being an issue at that resolution, full-screen, and small images.
will Live Forever, or Die Trying >_<;;
Ah well, back to the drawing board..........
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Yay! I managed to get to day 200. Figured out the game a bit more, its excellent.
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Quote: I haven't changed any calculations so I guess it must be to do with differences between QB and FBs random number generator. Hmm, I'll do some tests.

dumbledore posted some code that's supposed to behave as QB's RND here

I don't know if it gives the exact same sequence than QB, I once used it to port a program that required the negative argument re-seeding and it worked
Thanks Antoni, that's looks like it could come in very useful.

So if I update I need to:
- Check the event frequencies (might get fixed with Antoni's link)
- Make sure all the variables get reset for a new game (That bug musta been there for 5 years..)
- Make the 'easy' level easier. Maybe by giving extra gold, reducing 'bad events' and reducing how mad the other races get at you at easier difficulty levels.
-Maybe add a 'getting started' bit to the readme (although I thought working it out was part of the charm..)

Does anyone else get the same problems as Pritchard with the palette glitch?

Any other suggestions?
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Heh, you're a legend, Piptol. I'm downloading it now and I'll give it a try when I get home. I can't wait - I consider this one of the best qbasic games ever!

[p.s. Ignore anything I wrote in that silly game guide. I didn't do a lot of research or even ask Piptol about the mechanics, so I'm sure there are more than a few mistakes in it...]
I hate those random events.

It seems really strange and messed up actually as it is. I think it was easier in the QB version.

Tax of 3% gives really as much penalty as tax of 99%. It is very profitable to just switch from 0 to 99% and back..
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@Terry: Thanks Smile The game guide has a lot of good advice, the bit I was thinking of was mainly about the NPCs. Hector is useful as long as you don't put up with his nonsense, and Krystal attracts extra settlers.. the populace finds it glamourous to live with a princess!

Quote:It seems really strange and messed up actually as it is.
In what way??
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?

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