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AMS Productions / QBasicNetwork news
Well I finally got off my butt and did something. While the mainframe network site is under construction, I have restructured and created a new site in it's place. All content is still coming, so expect some changes over the next few days. At the moment the Blobworld link doesn't work from the site menu, but can be obtained here:

I have also launched "Stuff" which was originally located at Clicking that link will show a page explaining what to do. When taken to the new page there will be a list of three (ATM) files I use from time to time. The man song is funny. Check it out.

I will also soon be releasing a new site dedicated to space and physics. Technically it's a relaunch from a shut down a few years ago. Jofers and the like from may or may not remember it... Quantum Physics Today. A place to discuss all those niggling questions about the theories of our universe.

The site does not yet contain any news regarding Brainfreeze, as I have nothing major to report. When Milestone 1 is reached, you'll know about it.

That is all.

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sounds totally cool mate.
hahahaha oh god, why havent i discovered blobworld before, its so funny! Big Grin
i can seem to get episode 12, 14 - 19. im guessing you havent uploaded 14 - 19 yet but whats up with ep. 12?

and about Quantum Physics Today, that is going to wickid, seeing as i am a total space nut Big Grin

cant wait to hear for some more news
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:O 12 should be there... which series?
14-19 of series 1...

14 through 17 were lost, then found, 18 and 19 were bonuses that seph had also sent me.

Then during restructure somehow I managed to create 2 directories the same both called "bw" and I just had to delete the one with the Blobworld site in it.

seph, you got 14-19 at all? :| Maybe someone has them in their cache???
Screwing with your reality since 1998.
Quote::O 12 should be there... which series?
14-19 of series 1...

the original series ep 12, 14-19 gives me a 404

Quote:The requested URL /members/bw/image/orig/12.jpg was not found on this server.
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Update: Ep 1:14-19 found and uploaded. There must have been a mixup during ftp as well... Episode 1:12 became 1:11 and what used to be 1:11 went missing.

All fixed and uploaded now. Smile Blobworld should also have no more broken links.
Screwing with your reality since 1998.
I'm getting 404s all over the place. None of the series two bw comics are working, and I can't go to the forum. Confusedhifty:
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anarky's still developing the site so some things arent finished yet.

am i right mate?

EDIT: heehee, i was just reading thru the latest uploaded eps and they reminded me of a webcomic my friend runs. its about a large purple sausage that wears an eyepatch and does some of the same strange things that the blobs here do.
i hang out in the forums if anybody wants to know.
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404 - beta. Sorry, no technical support.

I'll get onto these problems tonight. Blobworld has no forum at the moment, but the QBasic Network forum is located at htto://
Screwing with your reality since 1998.
typo : httO://WWW....
should be httP
url=]the home of jupiter3888 ->[/url]
Network links fixed. All updated.

I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.
Screwing with your reality since 1998.

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