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Address Book Challenge
Remember when you first started QB (or FB for that matter)? It was so exciting when your first program, address book, actually worked - to some extent. Well, here's your chance to re-live your fond memories and make a new address book!
  • 1. It must store name, address, city, state, zip, ph.num, and email.
    a. email must have an @ symbol in the string.
    b. phone number must be displayed in american format (###)###-####
    c. name can be one string or two. Doesn't matter.
    2. Make it prettier than you've ever made anything. WinGUI, pretty ASCII, etc.
    3. Any entry copied from an existing address book will be disqualified. Make it from scratch - you've done it before.

Let the names begin! :^_^: 8) 8)
Quote:As a side note, I wish I was a robotic zombie ninja pirate.
why does this post give me such bad deja vu? is this homework?
It's homework for the BASIC class our school doesn't offer :x

Our school isn't cool enough to have programming classes. All we have is HTML, cisco networking, and Office Applications.
Quote:As a side note, I wish I was a robotic zombie ninja pirate.
im doing I.T. Studies as a year 12 (final year) subject and at the moment we are doing programming. that by its self is good. but the teacher decided that the best thing to do would be to use Java with the BlueJ IDE thingy. ugh... such a pain, not as nice as FreeBASIC!
she also decided that the first thing we should do is to learn about OOP, not that im complaining, its very interesting to me. its just that most of the class has absoloutley no experience in programming what so ever. so needless to say, they are all completely lost so i spend half of my time helping other people.
i believe it would have been better to start us of with the very basics of the language, like printing to screen, variables etc.
i have tried telling her this but nope, her way is final!
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You are lucky to be considering things like OOP in class.

When i did a course at college we learnt Turbo Pascal for DOS, only it was 1998, not 1988. Our college couldn't afford pentiums, or windows! Hence almost everything we learnt was 5-15 years out of date.

Its probably good you're learning Java, here in England at least it is the most commonly requested knowledge for a job, apart from web programming like PHP/ASP
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