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Lynn's Legacy - Now with Linux version and joystick support!
Lynn's Legacy is an independent 2d action RPG, inspired by the likes of Secret of Mana,
the Soul Blazer series, and the first three Zelda games.

The story follows the character of Lynn, a ball 'n chain wielding mercenary who
wakes up in a small forest clearing after being blown out of the sky on a
mysterious escort mission. She has almost no recollection of the events leading
up to this point, and things only get stranger-- Portals leading to entirely new
dimensions, strange encounters with sentient seeds, and an odd spectre of a man who
calls himself Moth...

This is a project we've been working on for several years (since about mid-2003),
though 'serious' development on what became the current version hasn't been going on
quite as long. (Started Feb. 18th, 2005.)

After an extremely stressful few months, seemingly endless testing, and hearing
that damned dungeon song for the millionth time, it's all finished.
Eight dungeons, four overworld areas, five chapters...

This was a very difficult project to complete.
We hope you enjoy the final product.

~Download links~


Full version:

No sounds or music:


Full version:

No sounds or music:

Source Code:


Josiah Tobin and cha0s, Lynn's Legacy team



I will report back later >_>
Gotta wait for work to be over... :x

Ooh, and "antiHackASSIGN" looks like fun. Tongue
Quote:Ooh, and "antiHackASSIGN" looks like fun.

LOL, have fun trying to make "trainers" unless you read the src, that is all. :rotfl:

Let's hear what ya think when ya get a chance to play it, dudes... hehe

I just took a peek at it and it looks awesome. I only tried the first few areas, but I can already see that this is going to be a commercial quality game. Great job guys.
Well, what can I say...great work guys. You made what I never managed to do: a well-made funny action rpg that's funny to play. I've just played for about a hour now but it feels very stable and well programmed. And really guys, action rpgs are so funny...and I've always liked them more then all the rpg's alá Final Fantasy...ever since I layed my hands on Zelda for NES.

So, no time for writing corky posts, must help Lynn in the dungeons fighting wierd plants with hats Smile
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I played for a good hour or so earlier. Its great! I really like it, although having a bit of trouble on the second dungeon.. [Image: icon_redface.gif] keep sliding into those damn bugs and dirty old men throwing rocks at me. Or at least thats what I assume they are >_>

Anyway, gonna go back and whup that second dungeons arse!
4th Dungeon :D

The armoured dudes with double swords are so cool! I was like "sweet!" when I saw him whup out his double swords and do his funky moves :)

Oh and Josiah, the music is awesome. I'm loving it. The latest dungeon theme is totally stuck in my head, and I love the Zelda style flutey tune in the forest.

Good job guys. I only wish we could have seen this on the GameBoy or something, when RPGs like this were all the rage.
AMAZING game! I can't wait until I have time to play through the whole thing.

This game is professional quality. If you released it on Game Boy Advance, you'd sell thousands of copies.
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great looking game! and it does play good too.

that reminds me, i made a game just like that and in 14 lines of code. i'll upload it when i feel like it.
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