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The QBColony updates
The QBColony updated with 2 new reviews and 2 new articles. You can read them at
Cobra has been "put to a halt"????

Though, megaman may want to stop using carriage returns in some of the news items, it seems to break badly on a 15"...
What's a carraige return?

EDIT:Just found out.

I don't use the enter key for breaks, I use <br> on every line. What resolution and what page are you seeing this problem on?
Okay... evidently nobody told you that browsers automatically flow the text onto new lines, and that you can specify margins with either a) CSS or b) padding on tables or c) many other ways. In fact, I went to look at your source code and it's a bit of a mess man, too many font tags and the like (I'm a big fan of CSS :wink: ). I was using IE 5.5 with a 15" 800X600 and the page was the Cobra news, though there may be others.

To solve your problems: remove the <br> tags and use margins instead.
The automatically flowing onto new lines sounds good and all, but I'd rather it breaks where I tell it to. Can you please send or post a screenshot to me so I can see exactly what you're talking about?
1) Why would you rather it breaks where you want? There's nothing wrong with it breaking somewhere else, is there?
2) Just resize your browser window :wink:
Yow! I just went to 800x600 and I see what you mean!

I'll fix this as I've fixed other pages, lower the font sizes, and be more careful with where <br>s are placed. Sorry, but <br>s are just what I'm used to. I've gotten it to work well with all the other pages, that one just seems to be an accident.[/quote]
Cool. Hint: learn CSS, it'll solve most of your formatting problems, and probably halve the amount of code on most your pages. When QBNZ is up I'll remind you to have a look at my source, you won't believe how little code there is.

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