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QBXL is back...sort of...
QuickBASIC Accelerator, the renown QB Magazine, is finally back on the internet with a new name at

For all the new faces and old fans, all the back issues of both the written and audio editions are easily accessible.

Also, a new QBXL competition will be taking place from the 14th to the 16th of October to take advantage of the 3 day weekend. Rules are simple: Make a game. Genre is up to the participants, simply remember to make it spectacular, because the community will then get a chance to judge which the best one is. In the past some really cool games have come out of these competitions, so be sure to show up!
Stop being idle in the #badlogic channel, you Tolko slut! Tongue


Anyway, will check the site. Perhaps I'll find an audio edition I still didn't hear.
I have to download at least the rest of those. I stopped after a while when it become a non-periodical...
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I didn't knew that existed before.. :oops:
Great Mag!! Big Grin
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new qbxl audio edition here. Link and comments at
Funniest one yet, also the most X-TREME!!!!
Awesome job :lol:
There is an error in your new audio edition.

I'm not mentioned.

I blame Tolko.


Will give it a proper hear back home.


Update your QBasicNews profile. I mean, the website link.

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