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video game music?
I've been doin the music thing for about 6 years now. playing guitar, keyboard, bass, whatever it is i can get my hands on, especially composing with computer programs such as finale. and recently i found what i thought was just for fun, could be more. a few friends tell me that the stuff i do is really good, and i should put it to use. specifically by sending out samples to the big boys of gaming and seeing how things turn out.

i don't know if i'm good enough for that, or even what the requirements for such a job would be. So if anyone has any idea on how one would go about doing this properly i'd love to hear it. one thing i'm especiall confused about is copywrite laws on digital music, help on that would be MUUUCH appreciated.

oh, and here is a sample of my work:
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What you need to do is get involved with a small commercial project where copyrights are guaranteed. That will give you a large enough portfolio entry that can be used to convince larger studios. The last thing you want to do is just start passing out samples, even if you have legal copyrights on them, as they can simply take your idea and run away with it (even if it's copyrighted). It needs to be part of a larger product. So if you can get hooked up with a small studio (one you could easily fight in a copyright battle if it comes to that), you have a chance. But I'll give you a word of warning...being a musician for a big game studio is not all it's cracked up to be...what is fun to you right now WILL become routine and, frankly, quite boring.

Right now, our primary musician at Frozen Utopia is using his experience with our group as a foothold as well. Since our games are commercial with legally protected copyrights, he's using it as part of his portfolio to try to break into the industry with a larger studio.
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Thats some good music, I would stick with it.

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