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Guitar grafitti
[Image: guitar2.jpg]

Did it over the weekend with a couple of sharpies at my disposal. I love that guitar, it looked like a beat up old shell of an instrument but it sounds amazing. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, ever since I did a similar (and semi-failed) kind of graffiti on my mandolin a year or two ago.

I'm still working on it, but I need to get some new sharpies with a fresh supply of ink before I can finish it.
Nothing like a custom graffiti'd yamaha guitar right next to a usb cord. Nice.
Yamaki, actually. Tongue
:aah: photobucket! Mutiny!

anyway, the gee-tah looks cool Smile =b
quote="whitetiger0990"]whitetiger is.. WHITE POWER!!! [/quote]
Two thumbs up! ^_^
Thanks. Smile

Quote::aah: photobucket! Mutiny!
Well, I have pretty much no space left on my FileAnchor account, and for just images I prefer Photobucket's interface. I use FA for pretty much everything else, though.
Looks awesome man, you really got some sweet lines going on there. Certainly brings life to an old guitar. I especially like the detail section and the pawprint.

How about rubbing some wood polish/wax into the rest of the exposed wood? I think the exposed wood and the black design compliment each other nicely like that.
Quote:Yamaki, actually. Tongue
Sshhhush I was trying to sound smart. ^_^;; Seriously link me to where you learned art. Yes.
Uh... I didn't. :b Seriously, I'm self taught in just about everything I do, I've been doodling these weird little patterns on just about every flat surface in my possession for years now. I suppse it's worth it seeing as I only consider myself mediocre at more 'traditional' forms of art.
Update... I think it's done:
[Image: guitar3.jpg]

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