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Visual Basic 4 32-bit in Win3x with WIN32S???
First off i'm new to the forum so hello everyone!

I am currently running Windows For Workgroups 3.11 in a virtual machine. I took visual basic in school a few years ago and haven't really touched it for a while but wanted to design some apps for WFW.. So i found MB VB4 disk and was about to install it in my virtual machine and suddenly remembered that it came in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions. I remembered I once read that the 32-bit version could also be installed on Win3x if the Win3x was running WIN32s.. So I downloaded and installed WIN32s and tested the install with the supplied 32-bit Frecell app.. Everything appeared to be fine. I was like, "Awesome!" I then proceeded to run the 32-bit VB4 setup file from the run command and got the following message:

Setup Intialization Error
This Setup program is not intended to be used with your version of Windows.

Can anyone confirm for me that VB4 32-bit can be run in Windows 3x using WIN32s?

If yes, how?

If no, why not?

If no, would it be possible to do so using a DOS Extender Such as Pharlap's? I have heard of this but so far have no experience with the Phalap DOS extenders.

Sorry so long... Thanks In advance!

Why not use the 16-bit version? I think I used to do that.

Seeing as the 32-bit version would be emulated on win3.x, there would be no performance gain in choosing that over the 16-bit one, as far as I see.

Actually, reading wikipedia on win32s (, it seems that it was more of a transition-model than actual 32-bit support in 16-bit systems, so you might be out of luck trying to make VB4.0 work in the 32-bit version.
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maybe try freedos? :lol:

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