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The March issue of QB Express is now up!

This issue is the largest ever, with a total of TWENTY-SIX separate articles, tutorials and columns. It also boasts the biggest News Briefs section to date.

Tutorials this month include: "I.F. Games Chapter 3" by Na_th_an; "OpenGL Tutorials for FreeBasic (Parts 1 - 4)" by RelSoft; "FreeBasic Mouse Tutorial " by Stéphane Richard; "Music Composition, Part 2" by Matt2Jones; "Downloaded FreeBasic, Double-clicked fbc.exe and Nothing Happened!" by Antoni Gual; "Creating Custom Controls in VisualBASIC for DOS" by Stéphane Richard; "FreeBASIC Allegro Tutorial" by Gustav; "Animation Series Part 2: Motive Power of Animation" by Rattrapmax6; "Useless Useful Information: Parsers" by Nathan1993; and "File Manipulation In QBasic #3: Binary Files" by Stéphane Richard.

As far as articles go, we've got a review of "Robot Robbery" by Lachie Dazdarian; an article called "What QBasic Means To Me" by Michael J. Wyldman; "Writing A Game" by Jonathan Wallace; a review of Diroga's "Block Game" by Rattrapmax6; "Dialogue and Character Creation" by Levi; "Snakes!!!" by Rattrapmax6; and "ASCII Ain't Goin' Anywhere and It Will Live Forever" by Lurah. That's not to mention the regular columns, which include a Horse Comic by Rattrapmax6, a Gallery article about MarzecTM's "Simple Shot", a competition, and a whole lot more.

Come and get it while it's hot: QB Express Issue #8
Nice man, it looks strange in firefox though. Thought i should say that. Btw, there was another space shooter. This one http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=8752 Smile

i was really wondering wheter you would mention fbirc in your #8 qb express. you did. but uhm you found sshot more intersting. i just wanted to clarify some things. sshot is crappy by it's nature as it was meant to be a simple example game for xteraco so he could start up his own little space shooter. therefor the gfx sucks, there's no sound and the game itself is pretty boring. but the source outlines the concepts very well imo.

i guess it was my fault cause i didn't know that a gallery report needs gfx to be shown. well fbirc has gfx, namely a gui written by von grodic that is based on the fb gfxlib. also fbirc comes with a console frontend. both frontends should work well on linux and windows ( me lazy bastard only tested on windows ). the nice thing about fbirc is that it lets you easily write your own frontend as the interface is small and clean ( 6 functions you need to call, 1 type you have to cope with that handles messages ). dumbledor did an excellent gui based on his wxwidgets port. hope he'll improve it sooner or later.

well, i hope you take my excuse that i was to lazy to write the above text in the original post, maybe fbirc would have gotten more of your attention then. maybe you should also consider also taking non gfx applications into the gallery section unless you are one of those eye candy loving guys hehe. coding <> gfx.

that said i congratulate you on this excellent issue of qb express and hope you keep up the good work. uhm and don't take the above sayins as an offense Smile

haha now that is funny. two guys reaching out for fame and honor at the same time. we suck big times...
Awesome issue, Pete, as always Smile It is full of useful articles and, as always, it's a great source of news. This is very valuable, 'cause with time we'll be able to re-read the issues and have those news as some kind of "written history".

Antoni's article is really useful, my fave in this issue. I think it will help a lot of people to realize that fB can be the same coding experience as QB was/is.

My only complain is that the code boxes have again lost the indentation, at leas in MSIE.

Keep up the good work, man!
MarzecTM: Sorry, I didn't feature fbIRC very well. The Gallery section is for upcoming games, hopefully with nice graphics (since it's mostly about showing screenshots). That's why I chose SShot.

Anyway, I'll include your post as a letter to the editor in the next issue so that people get the message about fbIRC.
Quote:My only complain is that the code boxes have again lost the indentation, at leas in MSIE.

Hmmm... I'm not sure what you mean. I'm using the same code boxes as I have for the last few issues. I think it might be because the tutorial writers didn't indent their code (and I didn't have time to do it for them).

Or maybe you mean when long text wraps in the code box... well, as far as I know, in IE it never indented.

Anyhow, if anyone knows of a more elegant solution than what I'm using right now, I'm all ears. Wrapping long sections of code has been a problem for this mag since Issue #1. I still haven't found a good solution for it. FireFox has some kind of bug that makes it render wrong at random places (gray boxes), and IE has some weird issues with it too.
Well, I dunno about other people's codes, but mine were indented. I wrote:

If lid% = 10 then          ' In room 10
   If player doesn't have torch Or
   If player has it but it's off then
      desc$ = "You can't see anything!"

And it shows:

If lid% = 10 then          ' In room 10
If player doesn't have torch Or
If player has it but it's off then
desc$ = "You can't see anything!"

Examining the page source, indentation is there, so it is the div that contains the codes which is not being correctly rendered. The most strange thing is that if you copy and paste the text into for example notepad, it comes out indented.
@pete nah it's all good, it's sufficient that some ppl might read it here thx again maybe i can offer a tut on network programming with raknet or something. like extending sshot to be networked, that was my intention from day one, maybe i find the time
Very nice newsletter! I found a lot of the tutorials usefull. Keep up the good work! Big Grin
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