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I have been lurking in the shadows reading posts from here since the beginning of 2005. I never noticed that anything was going on because my previous experiance with forums was this one:
Those guys are insane. Compared to that this forum is an episode of Barney.

I'm not saying that it's perfect, but it and the FBTK forums are the only places I visit anymore. If something is wrong here, I would love to lend a hand in fixing it. I don't know what I could do, but I will offer none the less. I'm sure there is something I could do...
Quote:....And at the moment, all I have is just a forum, filled with people, whom I've never meet, yet consider friends.

Those who care enough talk to me on MSN, or even send a PM..

It makes me feel appreciated and liked.

While you may not like it, it isnt against any of the forum rules, and it keeps me alive.

Although, you dont have to worry, I wont make any more topics like that.
Did I say dont make such topics? :-?

Quote:Who are you? Yes, you, who are whining at some piss detail that doesent matter... Who are you? What are you doing here? Why dont you make a post about saving the forum? Why arent you doing anything?
I don't need to make a post about saving the forum because contrary to what anybody may think I've stopped responding to many topics even if I feel strongly against the thoughts/opinions or flame baits - self moderation.

What this forum needs is members to moderate themselves not more moderators/admins. Increasing the number of mods WONT keep forum members from bitching and constant flaiming / lashing out at each other. If you guys REALLY want to save this place then I say you start moderating your OWN posts! Because WC himself says this
Quote:In recent months and days the amount of personal attacks has been on the increase.
Where do you THINK these personal attacks come from?

Quote:Posts that contain personal attacks, like always will be subject to removal/editing and if serious or repeat offending occurs banning will be considered.
When would a moderator/admin NEED to edit a post?

Quote:If you are or have been the subject of an attack, or notice one; please do not take the bait/or respond back to it as that only serves to feed the attacker. The moderators/admins will deal with attacks as soon as they see them, but feel free to contact one of them.
Thats a solution to the problem. If you can't read between the lines then let me make it very clear to you - "Self Moderation"
Look. I really don't think we need all this, because it's a little bit backwards in thinking. Z!re's post was, as usual, just a little bit zealous in tone... but there's really no reason to drag it out this far, and distort the main underlying point in his reasoning. This topic can honestly progress just fine with everyone's temper in-tact...
Or we can just drop the whole thing between each other and wait to see Wildcard's response as enough opinions and fighting have already been done in this topic.

Quote:For gods sake! If you guys don't like how the admins/moderators handle this forum...then leave!


Anyway, we are responsibility about our words, every darn singe one of us. Some ones honors that responsibility, some ones wont. Feedback, good or bad aint reason to stay or leave.

If moderators takes bad feedback as an insult, then i guess were done here.
This didn't turn out so well: the topic was split, no response from wildcard and Z!re was banned.

Who would have guessed that this wouldn't turn out very nicely?

Did anyone else get banned in this?
Quote:Did anyone else get banned in this?

Theres no reason to ban anyone?
IMO stuff, thats all.
I hope you realize the irony of Wildcard making a second post. Tongue

Some people need to lay off the attack button. Wink
Quote:I hope you realize the irony of Wildcard making a second post. Tongue

Some people need to lay off the attack button. Wink

I can understand that being out of control but some people asked of things constructively. Or at least asked about some things without seeming (at least to me) that they were being negative or attacking and that was what I was expecting a reply to. Not a "don't flame" post.
So why was Z!re banned?

All I see her doing is providing us with interesting views and opinions, in her own way, but nothing that should cause a ban.

And what happened to the three-warnings thing?

Surely, I dont see what Z!re has done that TBBQ hasnt...
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