Full Version: Have we made a decision?
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Quote:How about Xeko_X?
Even if he wasn't horribly lying... he still doesn't get the fact that he was asking an opne source community to donate. (yes i've talked with him recentally)
:evil: Ok, seriously, does anyone know?
Let's stay here for a while. Wink
I am so confused...
We should just do what i've just done, Join all the main sites and host your own.

I am a member of

http://s14.invisionfree.com/sweetstuff (a small, multi-language site)

And my (empty) forum. Come on, join it, PLEASE!!! I'll give a global mod account to the first 3 to join.

[Image: 979c9304.jpg]
I don't think it really matters anymore, everyone is either here or freebasic.net primarily now and a few commute between the multiple forums.
QB71 is now the greatest website on the Internet. Go see for yourself. Big Grin
mwah! it died the horrible death it deserved.
Hey I don't mean to revive dead posts, but that site was still alive? I can't believe I ever opted to moderate that site. Then when it got hit with like 5000 porn posts from some bot... I should never have deleted them.

I won't be going anywhere. I have something in the pipelines worth showing off when its finished its first beta testing run and is fully functional. Although I don't want to give anyone ideas. But both myself and MystikShadows agree that we think this is just what the entire community needs...

I've been following this forum for years, but forgot about it for a few months. Now, I've come back to check it, and there are very few posts and people talking about "migrating!" What happened? People were talking about moving after the site "closed forever" for a couple of days, but it seemed to recover. What gives?
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