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The first issue of PCOPY! the magazine is now available.

Let's save the long posts for after :-). Just click below and read on.
why is the first issue listed as issue 10? Tongue
oh just our numbering system ;-)
Nice feel, really easy to follow and read. I'll post *real* comments later, when I *actually* read it Smile
lol that is qbasic numbering system!
Awesome Job DudeZ~~
it's great... Big Grin
Congratulations on a first issue with a bunch of varried and interesting articles Smile

However, I have a couple of issues that really annoy me:

1) The text-colorscheme! ARGH! Tongue I know you're going for an old-scool look/feel, but I gave up several times trying to read an article because I my eyes started to burn from the strain. Maybe you could experiment with some other fonts/colors?

Quote:BASIC has been around 4 awhile. It's how I started. It makes a complete novice able 2 do cool things. There are 2 good choices.

Need I say more? Again, I know you want to be all "open" and stuff, but that^ is just lame. Especially because sometimes the numbers (like 2) are used BOTH as numbers AND for being "cool". Seriously. Publishing an article like that really gave the magazine a notch down for me.
Sure. I dislike several things - but they are article-related so this is not directed to the mag organizers/makers, but the article writers themselves:

1.- That article which is written like a SMS. Man, I think there's time and space enough to write "for" or "to".
2.- The random "next Windows version" bashing that always happens a bit before to a bit after a new Windows version is released.
3.- The neverending QB/QBasic confusion.
4.- It happens like with QBE sometimes: it's great to have articles directed to newbies, but not articles written by newbies - at least articles written by newbies who don't know exactly what they are talking about fully. I mean, some articles don't provide proper/correct/complete information.

I liked several things:

1.- I like the layout, but white on black is too harsh. Less contrast would help me to keep my eyes sane Big Grin
2.- Quite extensive news collection! Pretty nice, and very informative. Good work.
3.- Most of the tutorials are pretty useful and well written.
4.- The page is light and loads in a blast, the code sections are comfortable to manage and use.


1.- You could easily make some printable version of this, which would be a neat idea Smile
2.- Work a bit to make the site more eye-friendly, I mean just change a bit the colours.

Overall: Nice start people! I envision another great mag!
Noo! The grey blocks! They are back *dies*

Really. you seem to have picked up some grey block infection from QBE :p

Aside from that, pretty cool, although like Nathan, Im not digging the articles and programs by newbies. I know you want to make a magazine for everyone written by everyone, but really, do we need an article featuring a program with a caluculator and a clock, written in spaghetti code by an 11 year old? Im not being nasty here, but it doesnt make good reading... apart from to know there are young 'uns starting coding. Maybe express that in a different way, like an interview?

Because I dont want the pages I read to look like DOS.
yeah kiz is right...
may be there should be another zine called "qbnewbies"or something like that along side with pcopy?
the tutorials u think are *noobish* should go in that...?

nice idea :???:
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