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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
Quote:Sweet. And speedlemon, why not? Graphical games usually become too complicated, and if you try to add a story it becomes even harder. Remember, this isn't Flash or Java where you can easily make or import a graphic and make it move or whatnot. This is QBASIC. To be honest in my opinion, if a game has a good story to it, then that's all that truly matters.

liquid snake-im fine with making it a text game. i was referring to the fact that j2krei plans on making all the choices the player can do by hand. at least i think thats what he meant when he said this:

Quote:but it's just too complicated with one person coding every single possibility.

and i guess the game would end up like something like this:

print "You are in your house"
print "1) go upstairs"
print "2) pick up the key"
print "3) talk to the gnome"
input choice$
if choice$ = "1" then goto upstairs
if choice$ = "2" then goto pickupkeys
if choice$ = "3" then goto talktognome

that would be a very bad idea to make a text game like that.

this is what i meant, but i guess i just said it bad.
Quote:and we don't have to do "every possibility".there is a much easier way of doing things....

list possible commands, and possible objects, and cross reference...jsut make sure we know what is in which scene

Quote:Anyway, I agree that a text adventure takes too long to make by one person. So what should we make one on? Any ideas?
once you have the engine done, all you need to do is design rooms. so its actually same amount of work as a regular game if not less work.

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