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Option Nokeyword reversal?

I'm writing a new program, and I'm using Gfxlibttf (I think by Jofers?)

And you have to include, but it does Option NoKeyWord Point, and I want to use the Point command in my program. How do I get around this?

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You're using an old version of FB for one.

For two, I'm sure if jofers made it it can be compiled into a seperate module and linked, so you shouldn't need to include

Lastly if you do have to include it, you're screwed, because MS thought it was a great idea to litter the general namespace with things like "this" and "point".

So, here's how you hack it.

function point2( byval buf as any ptr, byval x as integer, byval y as integer ) as integer
    function = point( buf, x, y )
end function

#include ""

'' point2 now is the old point

This is cha0s btw.
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