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How about making something based on VB?
could you just have cookies and make it really really indavualized. people select their own colors pics etc.
do you mean having custom schemes?
I've seen you'r sig Oracle, the one with QBNZ info.
Can you change hue and saturation of images with phpBB
With php, you mean? Well, yes, but what diroga talks about is simply different styles, and I'm not making more than one. Besides, dynamically generating images based on preferences would be hellishly slow...

TBBQ: I dunno what vb looks like, have you got a screenshot of what you mean?
Oracle, havent you used VB? I have WinME so its IDE doesnt look that good on my computer. But if someone has XP then the IDE looks superb =P.
Something based on VB? VB has no original style like QB Does. Visual Basic has a similar look to many Windows Programs... but QB... no, QB is it's own look...
Well, duh!, QB's IDE isnt original. All the editors for M$.DOS look similar. From to Turbo C's IDE all of them are similar. And VB has an original IDE with all the info on controls etc... on the RHS of the screen etc...
This isn't a VB site first off... second, it would look damn ugly. I guarantee it.
omg, if Fling guarantees it then I think we should drop the idea =P.

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