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Quote:The read/new post and other logos arent too good. You may want to change them. And add a bit of color while you're at it =P.

I've already said I was gonna do those things Wink
Oh. Then I must've misread =P.
bah humbug. you know, TBBQ, the cheese could still be grey in a monochrome universe... there would just be no black..
No, monochrome means two colors and they must be necessarily white and black(non white). Also, grey is composed of While + Black so thats a new color.
Quote:<graphics> Literally "one colour". Usually used for a black
and white (or sometimes green or orange) monitor as distinct
from a color monitor. Normally, each pixel on the display
will correspond to a single bit of display memory and will
therefore be one of two intensities. A grey-scale display
requires several bits per pixel but might still be called

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! There. Your cheese could be green. Or orange. hahaha!!!.... or the cheese could be green with orange holes in it....

Yeah, but i am talking about the classic monochrome =P.
well you neeeever said that now....... diiiiid you...
No, i didnt =(. But I've mentioned in all my posts that I am talking about the black and white monochrome =P.
My aunt used to have a green-black monochrome monitor... Wink
I remember having those screens in my computer lab. We even had orange-black ones. But that was ages ago =P

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