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Detective Academy - KENTAURI's new release!
KENTAURI has a new release, Detective Academy! It's a mini game of observation and memorizing featuring a very unique and original concept. Detective Academy was created as part of HOTU forum game making competiton. Download it here or visit for more info.

Also, KENTAURI has changed a host so all who are not linking to us using URL please start linking to
And once again, sorry lachie :oops:
Quote:And once again, sorry lachie :oops:

Did he yell at you for not posting fast enough?
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Nice memorize-type-game. And what about Lachie, he must be the biggest contributor of qbasic game nowadays...great work!
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This game is quite good, I've played it and i have to admit i havent seen anything like this before. nice job Lachie Smile - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

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oracle Wrote:And once again, sorry lachie :oops:

Did he yell at you for not posting fast enough?

In site issues Wink
I can't match the faces well enough...

for the game that is
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Maybe I should say something since I promised not to release anything before finishing LONG. I would never start working on Detective Academy if there wasn't this HOTU forum game making competition. I was a member in HOTU forum for years and since people there knew me as a game designer I just felt I had to participate. It's not something I planned and I really was determined not to start anything new before finishing LONG. I probably wouldn't submitted an entry for this compo if the idea of Detective Academy didn't popped in my head. I didn't wanted to spend too much time working on a compo entry and Detective Academy seemed like something that could be done in short amount of time but still be interesting. It took me 8 days to finish it. I'm satisfied with it. It's not a fully equipped game. That's why it's version 0.99. It has room for improvement and expansion but this, what is done, is packed properly and functions as a finished product.

I'm having new realizations about graphic and technical perfection in freeware games, both outside QB and within QB world, so I'm not quite happy with the overall quality all of my games I did so far, including Detective Academy. Nevertheless, I think I did a nice job for such short amount of time. I'm just sad that some parts of game, like face memorizing part just HAVE to look so bad. But I couldn't avoid it.

BTW, I did not won the compo. I guess, the gameplay was a bit hard to digest.

Errr....Yes! I plan to finish LONG now. Definitely during if not before the summer of this year. But probably during the summer. And even that is not 100% sure. LONG won't be a spectacular game since plot requires graphic skills that I currently don't possess so some parts will look doubtful. I went over my head a bit with this project so now I have to do what I can. Improvise. It will be my LAST game before the BIG BREAK which I'll have to make since I'm near finishing college so I don't need distractions. And like I said before, I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to finish even LONG before the big break.

But I'll talk about that after and if I release LONG. Period after the big break will definitely mean a change in my way of planning and designing games. And life.

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