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Anyone write?
Nice stories Josiah!

I used to write stories, but i haven't for a while... I wouldn't mind writing one up for old times sake though... I actually have a few ideas bouncing around in my ol' empty head.
Jumping Jahoolipers!
Quote:funny you should mention this. I write quite alot, infact, i've just started to work on another horror/scifi. it's lookin to be a good start. but most of my work is anthoropomorphic. so i won't post it cause it would just piss na_th_an off Wink

That's the type of stories I like to write. I remember in all my english classes back at school, when the assignment was to write a story, I always wrote a horror/scifi with alot of blood 'n guts in it. I made them in the style of Alien, to start off with a bunch of people and kill them off one by one by different methods of mutilation. I prefer not to do that anymore and try more creative things nowadays, still scifi related.

I've been trying a novel. Well, not really a huge novel, just something larger than a short story. I'm not trying to aim for something big. A story told at a good pace that's fun to read is what I'm aiming for.

I made many attempts at a start, but they all fall apart. I figured I'd try a new approach at it. Rather than create to world while I'm writing, I'm writing documentation about it and its creatures, and main characters, before I jump into writing the first chapter. Actually, this is what they always recommended to do in English class, I just never bothered.
@Raccoon: The way I did my novella was do a single chapter every day for 30 days straight. I'd force myself to write each day, even if it turned out crap, and then I always went back and re-wrote it if needed.
Hmm...I don't know why I've never thought of that before. That's some good advice actually. I think I'll try that. Smile
The only thing is, I copped out some days and wrote REALLY short chapters, so that's how it became a novella instead of a novel. :wink:
Yeah I'm a wannabe writer - actually I want to be a proffesional screenwriter. So I guess I could post a short story or two... Maybe even the first few scenes of the screenplay I'm working on, "Winnebago Boys."
All of my writing goes into my game story design. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Here is that start i was working on. thought i'd post it just for the hell of it. the first part in the "<< >>" is something that is addressed later on in the story, i put those in all my stories for some reason Tongue

Quote:<<Thunder shattered the silence of those empty halls…
A handful of people would have called it the sound of inevitability
But I knew what it was. It was hell, and it was knocking on our door…

* * *
A voice called out from the bar into the men’s room, “Ben, are you going to finish that round, or am I gonna hafta finish it for ya?!”
“Very funny guys- oh no, not again…” the sound of gagging can be heard.
“Well, when you quit puking your guts out, get out here, you got a visitor!”

Ben staggered out of the stall with a brand new stain on his business shirt. He batted it with a paper towel a few times to wipe it off, but to no avail. The water from the faucet ran cold, but he could care less. He splashed it on his face as if it were some magical liquid that would make him sober again. A light tingle fell over him for a moment, but it faded rather quickly. After a few effortless tries to dry his face with the hand dryer, he walked out of the men’s room and back into the chaos that was, the bar.

“Ok guys, who’s here to see me?”
”Some outa towner, he’s over there with the whiskey”

Ben walked over awkwardly and sat down next to him. He had never seen the stranger before, but he looked vaguely familiar. Maybe a name would help.

“You uh, wanted to see me?”
”…that depends.”
“…depends on what?”
“are you Ben Prescof?”

Who is this guy anyway? And how did he know my last name?

“yeah, it is.”
“I can’t tell you my name, or why I’m here. I was only sent to give you a message.”

Okay, now I’m amused! Oh great one, tell me the message, tell me so I can share this wisdom that is so great, I needed to hear it at 2:00am in a bar after getting wasted!

“Things aren’t what they seem…”
I’m shaking in my boots…
“In the near future, you will have to make a very hard decision. One regarding your life against someone elses. Don’t be a hero…”
oh nooo…someone please help me, the spooky man says I’m going to make a decision. Pfft, I’m ending this now so I can go home and get some sleep…
“Look buddy, I don’t know who you are, where you came from, but I do know this. I don’t need to take advice from henchmen. And I suggest you get outta my town before I show you a decision your not gonna like.”

The man got up and started to walk away. Ben seemed satisfied that he could drive someone off in his drunken state. The man studdered for a moment, and turned his head.

“when you regain conciousness, remember this visit…” and he continued out the door.

Ben sat dumbfounded, he didn’t understand what he meant by “regain conciousness”. Just then, a bottle of schnapps fell off the top shelf and was hurtling toward bens face. He stared at it obliviously for the half a second it took for the bottle to hit him and said to himself “well now, this can’t be good.”
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.
oooh i like that - very strange... but the "things aren't what they seem" - isnt that from the matrix? anyway i like it! i want to read the rest...
The start of your story looks good, although it reminds me of something...I can't remember what.

Quote: After a few effortless tries to dry his face with the hand dryer, he walked out of the men’s room and back into the chaos that was, the bar.

I get confused on this sentence. Effortless tries to dry his face? Did he succeed in drying his face? Or do you mean "useless" tries? Wasn't their a paper towel dispenser somewhere, since he used a paper towel to wipe his shirt?

I'm not trying to get technical. I'm just trying to help in letting you know what I thought while reading this story.

Quote: The man studdered for a moment, and turned his head.

I'm confused here too. Studdered isn't a word, is it? I guess you meant 'stuttered', but that dosen't make much since, unless you meant 'stumbled'?

Besides that, it's a good start Big Grin

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