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Another World Memory Game
A combination of two classic games, albeit two different games. If you are a fan of Another World or Memory Games grab this quickly, even if you're not ;-).
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 Qbasic Books   
The Book Description

QBasic by Example
A teach-yourself manual, revised from an earlier edition, with text and examples aimed at beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers. Teaches structured programming techniques and proper program design, emphasizing readability rather than "tricks of the trade" code examples.

Teach Yourself QBasic in 21 Days
QBasic in a logical, easy-to-follow format! This excellent tutorial will have readers performing advanced programming techniques such as drawing graphics and adding music in just a few short weeks. Features Q&A sections to help answer common questions users have about learning QBasic. Includes a comprehensive glossary that provides definitions for key programming terms.

Absolute Begginers Guide to Programming
Perfect for the person who wants to program but needs a good starting point! This book teaches readers the thought process and design behind programming as well as which languages fit their individual needs. "Provides an introductory discussion of using the QBasic language. Includes a complete guide to programming and programming languages. Covers programming concepts, languages, and products". Covers QBasic.
The Revolutionary Guide to Qbasic The Revolutionary Guide to Qbasic is one of the best Qbasic books around. It comes with a very helpful disk of utilities, and it is very up-to-date. It has info on programming the sound card, mouse, and much more. There is even a section about how to make a raycaster game and other 3d projects. This book is highly recommended.

QBasic for Dummies
A fast and friendly reference to QBasic, the most popular language for novices learning to program, QBasic for Dummies leads readers, in a sequence of easy exercises, through all the beginning steps--how to start QBasic, type the lines of a program, correct mistakes in the code, and get your own homemade computer program up and running.

Qbasic w/ Intro to Visual Basic for Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences
This Second Edition brings an entirely new dimension to the basic programming course--by introducing students to the use of objects and to event-driven programming in Visual Basic. Designed for use with the IBM-PC and its compatibles, the text presents the fundamentals of computer programming, such as input, decision structures, and loop structures--with a numeric orientation.

A Breif Course in QBasic
For any course in which programming is one of several topics taught, Schneider's A Brief Course in QBasic, Second Edition, is the ideal programming text. In roughly 300 pages, A Brief Course in QBasic, Second Edition, teaches students all aspects of QBasic and provides a foundation in structured programming, with emphasis on problem-solving techniques. It covers the fundamentals of computer programming, such as input, decision structures, and loop structures.

QBasic 101
The step-by-step tutorial to learning QBasic programming! The workbook style helps new programmers take an active approach to learning. Provides step-by-step instructions on how to program in QBasic. Includes dozens of examples to show readers how to utilize what is covered in the text. Discusses debugging techniques.
Fundamentals of Qbasic Programming An introductory text/disk package on computer programming, problem solving, and application development using the QBasic language, assuming no previous exposure to computers and programming. Discusses computer concepts and fundamentals of the language, problem solving with decision, repetition, and subprograms, and application development with arrays, sequential and random files. Includes problems, projects, and appendices.
QuickBasic Using Subprograms Designed for a full-semester introduction to programming using both MS-DOS QBasic and the commercial version of QuickBASIC. An included disk contains all executable programs and data files presented in the text.
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