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Another World Memory Game
A combination of two classic games, albeit two different games. If you are a fan of Another World or Memory Games grab this quickly, even if you're not ;-).
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 Qbasic Tutorials   
Heres a bunch of tutorials that RadioHands (Contact him with your questions) has made. I got exclusive premission to use them all here so read them or do what ever with them.

Tutorial 1 In this tutorial you learn the most important things like the Print and IF commands.This is not for the intermediate or advanced programmers...
Tutorial 2 This is my graphics tutorial. This has things for advanced programmers and for intermediate programmers.
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 3.5
This is the games tutorial...  This explains many things that you might wonder how they do it in other programs / games...  I have just recently added the tutorial 3.5 revisited... This is to give help and to answer questions that I have been receiving...
Tutorial 4 This is the newly finished Mouse tutorial.  This teaches you about using the mouse in your own QBasic programs, Uses ASM...
Tutorial 5 This is The tutorial for the all important Bitmaping.  If you ever want to program a good game you must learn these tecniques!! Very important!
Tutorial 6 This is the tutorial for The Bit Blt technique... This is also very important.  This allows you to put a picture / Sprite on the screen without removing the background, a problem that I had trouble with for years...
Tutorial 7 This talks about how you can move sprites without having to destroy the background or have to keep redrawing it...  Another must learn technique...
Tutorial 8 3D QBASIC TUTORIAL!!!  This is my HAW way to 3d program...  You'll understand the HAW when you read it...  This allows anyone anywhere to program in beautifull 3D...
Tutorial 9 The second edition to my first game tutorial.  It covers using the arrow keys in your game.  Very short.

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