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Well, Neo said he's entering...and I've seen him online a few times since he did say that...and he hasn't cracked it yet...and considering that he's cracked every single other encryption algo I've ever made...
Whatever. Tongue I'm just excited, I always am when I think up a new encryption algo...and I think this one is quite strong. Big Grin
Alright, I'll take a look at it. Keep in mind that I'm no encryption-genius!

But don't post the encryption formula, yet, either! Smile


If nobody can crack this, I'm getting a patent. Tongue
Quote:Hey all,
I was sitting at my kitchen table doodling for a while after doing my math work...

Give us a hint. What math homework would that be? Or does it matter?
before I put any time into this, I wanna make sure of one thing:

This is reversible, right? I.E. You used formula A to change your message into this text file, and you can use formula B to change it back.

Lemme know, then I'll take a look at it.
Yes, I used exactly the same algorythm to encrypt as I used to decrypt.
RST: Well, the math isn't directly related to the encryption...but I'll give you a hint of what I was thinking at the time: vertices of a cube.
That really won't help, though. Tongue I will give you one hint: the whole thing is done with one bitwise operator: XOR.
Quote:Haven't heard that metaphor before. Explain?

It is often said that people are always looking to invent a better mousetrap. So when someone is trying to improve something, they say that this person is trying to build a better mousetrap.

There are many people on this forum who are always looking for an encryption algorithm or a better one. Hence:
"Encryption challenge = the better mousetrap"
Ah, I get it. Big Grin So Moneo, is our QB veteran going to give it a shot?
Give me a break, Zack. I'm a bit tired of this encryption issue. I've already got an excellent algorithm by Ethan Winer. If I needed something more robust, I'd implement the DOD (Dept of Defense) algorithm.
Ah, you misread it. I just want to see if anyone can crack this. For my own ego. :wink:
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