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I find it strange that in this forum of challenges, very few actually get participants. Lachie put it best when he said that the reason is that they are too open and often too uninteresting. So here's a challenge that's not only somewhat narrowed-down but also interesting and rewarding!

Remake Space Invaders!

You can use either QB or FB for this challenge. Bonus for sound and gamepad control. The compo begins now and ends on April 15th, 2005 at midnight AST. Team entrants are allowed. I don't care if you rip graphics and sound effects, this is not the Boy Scouts. Big Grin

The Prizes!

Aside from the typical "Winner" bitmapped plaque, the winner will receive a free domain name of their choice and free hosting for a year at DBS (total value: $93.59US). The runner-up will also get a bitmapped plaque. If either the winner or runner-up fulfill the bonus requirements, I'll throw something extra in as well. Big Grin
To Adosorken:

Hey man, that sounds like an *awesome* challenge right there! Big Grin You know something, I’ll bet that that “Space Invaders”-based challenge thing there was something that you have always wanted to come up with someday from at least a couple of years ago, ain’t it?

Even though I am currently busy on a couple of other projects here (and two current versions of my new FB palette library are in the bag already so far!), I would be real interested to see just how this challenge turns out, Ado!! Wink=b

See you later, and I hope your new challenge here turns out to be a smashing success!!! :king:

[Image: file.php?id=32]
- Adigun Azikiwe Polack
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Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”
No, this is a new idea I had last night. When SJ came up with his FB 48 hour compo, I tried to put together a Space Invaders game to enter the compo with but didn't have enough time to finish it. Then I thought that perhaps a Space Invaders compo would be a great idea, since it's a rather simple game that's not very demanding on the coder and leaves a whole ton of room for expansion. So...anyone up for it? Big Grin
:o Your willing to lay out $93.59USD worths for the winner? Or is it your server? :???: In the last case, DBS would be Digital Blacky aye? hmm, oh well... :roll:

Pitty I have not the time also,.. life gets so mixed up at times..
It's our server of course, but it's not like we get it for free. Big Grin
Can it be a 3D game? Kinda like instead of just going back & forth, you can also go into the screen?
2D or 3D, 2.5D if you want... Big Grin The idea is to come up with a game that carries the basic mechanics of Space Invaders, but not a clone...so anything new is certainly welcome. Big Grin
Quote:It's our server of course, but it's not like we get it for free. Big Grin

Yes, true, but your cost is less than $93.59, other wise you'd never make a profit... Smile

Dr_D,.. 3D?!?!,. That sounds sweet!!! Big Grin
That's what we have paying clients for. Big Grin
Quote:Dr_D,.. 3D?!?!,. That sounds sweet!!! Big Grin

He he... I've already started on it. Man, this is fun! :bounce:
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