Full Version: Make a program that is a person if they were coded!
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Quote:Since nobody will do me

if it makes you feel better, i would if you were a chick
Torahteen Wrote:Since nobody will do me

if it makes you feel better, i would if you were a chick
You slut. :love:
Did anybody even get my program? :roll:
option explicit

'/ life globals
const No as integer = 0
const Yes as integer = not No

type as integer ForumResponse

'/ Torahteen's functions
sub WillYouDoMe(YesOrNo as ForumResponse)
    const YesResponse as string = "Yay!"
    const NoResponse as string = "Please?"

    if (YesOrNo) then
        print YesResponse
        print NoResponse
    end if

end sub

'/ forum globals
const andTheForumSays = No

        '/ :: Torahteen's main program ::
Auw. Rejection. It bites.



hey, let's be nice to torahteen... >.>
Here's Thrawn, portrayed in the FB timeline which I proposed. Heh...:

Option explicit
defint a-z

'Declare Sub/Functions Here. Subs first, then functions:
Declare Sub Thrawn
    Declare Sub Thrawn_Intro_Text

'Dim Shared Variables Here:
Dim shared work_page as ubyte

'Dim Shared images here:
dim shared Font as Ubyte ptr

'Create Shared Images Here:

'Load Shared Images Here:

'Start Main Program Here:

'Thrawn's Place in the Timeline:
Sub Thrawn
    'Set up the Screen:
    Screenres 640, 480
    'Start Main Program Here:
End Sub

    'Thrawn's Little Text Into:
    Sub Thrawn_Intro_Text
        locate 1, 1
        print "There was a time, when we all used bitmaps..."
        sleep 1800
        print "That time, is no more!"
        sleep 1800
        Print "For a brave soul, Thrawn, has created Pload. It is this...."
        sleep 2300
        Print "as I was ...."
        sleep 1600
        sleep 1600
        print "OH NO! IT IS AN INTERLACED PNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!"
    End Sub
Quote:hey, let's be nice to torahteen... >.>

Pft, nothing has stopped you before. Wink
I'm not sure if I should feel good or bad about prichard not putting me in his lists when he makes those random things.... Confusedhifty:

Me (Rattra Macro):

#DEFINE Rattra DO:SLEEP 1000:?"Wake up..":SLEEP 1000:?"Eat Breakfast..":SLEEP 1000:_
                ?"Code":SLEEP 1000:?"Eat Lunch":SLEEP 1000:?"Code":SLEEP 1000:_
                ?"Eat Dinner":SLEEP 1000:?"Code":SLEEP 1000:?"Goto Sleep":LOOP


The worst part about the post Rattra just posted, is there's no way out of the loop :rotfl:
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