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It's back?
Whoa... I was just looking through the "FB Links" page on Pete's site and noticed the QBasicNews forum was still on there. Feeling bored, I clicked the link, and...

It's still here!

Last I remembered it had died with a random thread on aliens or something like that. Now it has a slick new interface. Cool. Smile

I might come back more often now.


My avatar is still here. I'd almost forgotten about it. XD
In the beginning, there is darkness – the emptiness of a matrix waiting for the light. Then a single photon flares into existence. Then another. Soon, thousands more. Optronic pathways connect, subroutines emerge from the chaos, and a holographic consciousness is born." -The Doctor
Welcome back. Unfortunatley there has been some crazy time in the past passed it's good to see old face/names come back. I wonder what happened to the Doc.
Welcome back Skyler holograph Smile It's become pretty empty here with the passing of time though.
Welcome back bro Yeah MM is great site and its only going to get better.. take advantage of the special promotion that is going on there right now.

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