Full Version: Oldies still around?
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I guess people still stop by here every once in a while see how the old community is holding together, huh? 

I moved on from QB.  Went on to mostly develop in C#, Powershell, Ruby. Throw in some Coffeescript, etc.  When I get home from work I'm going to reread through some of this forum for old times sake.  I kinda miss the old crowd.
I'm stopping by to say "hi". It's been a while. Life's gotten busy. Did my grad school and have been in the software industry for the past 8 years! Mostly doing Python, Java, Scala, C++ and such. I still remember QBasic fondly. Get nostalgic once in a while and so stop by. Cheers!
Recently acquired an old 486 computer and thought it'd be fun to revisit some "old school" programming on it. Not sure how much time I'll spend with it, but I was writing some good ol' mode 13h code with DJGPP and wanted to compare a bit blit routine I did with something else and decided to see how DirectQB compared. Surprised myself that I was able to whip up a simple test program almost entirely from memory having not touched QBasic/DirectQB (or really any other BASIC whatsoever) since probably 2005-6 or so. Now thinking that maybe I need to set aside DJGPP and just toy around with QBasic instead! Smile

(also DirectQB blew my own bit blit routine away, haha)

Good times.

Quote:I kinda miss the old crowd.

100% agreed.
I would favour a school reunion. Virtual of course. But I miss you guys.
Well, we have the technology.  I just created a google form to try to gather contact info, preferences, etc.  If you're interested in a reunion please fill it out and distribute it to others in the old QB crowd, because posting it just in these forums just won't cut it.  They don't have the reach they used to.  I'm hoping to gather the results in a month or so to try to organize something.  https://goo.gl/forms/AMBETvl22hHLoTdJ2
Pete Berg here, checking in!  It's been a long time.

Here's what I'm up to these days: http://www.peteberg.net

In short...working as TV Producer and traveling the world.  No longer coding, except for a little PHP here and there to make websites.  But Pete's QB Site is still up for archival purposes. Smile
Hey all. I remember many of you. I was checking to see, wildcard, if you are the same one who once joined Blue Castle Productions way back when... I think as far back as like 1998? Maybe earlier. Actually before that I think it was called the QB Agency, lol. I don't remember my username back then, maybe xchaser or just Daniel? but I started the group. I don't have a copy of the site any more. John Millard (JTM) and Gopus were there, and one or two others, Rune somebody, I can't recall their names. Just wanted to shout out hello! I am still programming, in FB now, working on Alvarian Tales. You can see it in the projects section over on freebasic.net. I have good memories of the QB community, and I miss it. But nice to see some folks still around. Smile Hope to hear back from some of you who remember.

Edit: I filled out the reunion thing. It will likely be hard to get everyone together at a certain time, but I'm up for it.
Oh, yea, it was Smoke_Rune. And we also had a few others come and go. I found I think our first forum still available online (wow): http://www.network54.com/Forum/54165

On the forum I am Danny. Man I was like 15 years old. Pretty crazy to look back. Good times though.

After that I had my own board. Don't know if it still exists anywhere, probably not, but it would be truly interesting to look back on, as we did a lot of posting there.

Well, I guess I never give up. I've worked on Alvarian Tales for about 20 years now. That was more of a learning experience than anything. Long breaks (a year or more many times.) Now it has turned into actual progress. (Took me long enough, huh?) But hey, life happens. Fling me a message any time, any of you. Smile And keep coding, it's good for your brain.  8)
Wow, this is unreal. I found a copy of my website from 2001-03 on WayBackMachine, Blue Castle Productions, AND most of the forum posts are readable. I'm going to try to get in touch with some of the old team.
Glad to see some old face still stopping by.

Pete: I think I found an old copy of qb-rpgs, I sent it to Fling-master to check out as not sure of it's state.

Toad: Wow, long time! Can't believe how long it's been. Great that the old forums are still online, some companies have kept going. I remember Alvarian Tales, will have to check it out again.
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