Full Version: Oldies still around?
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LOL! I knew it! It took way longer than I thought... but I said you'd be back. Big Grin
Woohooo!!!! Almost all the guys are here!

I got's the sprites Joe. Don't worry Jocke, I ain't making a rougelike out of this. ;*)

Sup doc?
Really nice work rel, great to hear Space Impakto a finished game.

Looks like you guys have the old crew together fire up qb.exe  ;D
sup dudes  8)
(11-05-2011, 06:26 AM)Plasma link Wrote: [ -> ]sup dudes  8)

Hell yeah!!! Even Plaz is here!
Hey guys.  Is this the reunion thread jofers was telling me about?

Anyways:  Been spending more time on my hobbies, less on work and school.  It's going to take some time for me to recover from the dreaded monotony of giving up my hopes and dreams, but I'll work through it.
Another year and a half gone, and I'm still here. Damn right I am! QUITTERS! Anyway,.... Tongue

Still doing the same stuff. FBGD, FBGD compos, and one new, which you prolly noticed: http://games.freebasic.net/basicgaming.php

I am awesome.
Awesome to have so many people stop by, maybe I need to fix that blinking light and dust off some more chairs around here..

rel: I started a protest camp for DW3 in London but some other people came along and got confused about what the protest for, I think next protest camp will be in Sweden!
Ah, so here's where you all are.. good to see you guys!

And DW3 still in production, who'd have known  ;D

You know, the funny thing is that with the rise of smartphones we've come full-circle in terms of gaming. Suddenly it's that simple 2D sprite based stuff that's back in fashion. In a world that became obsessed with polygon counts at the expense of gameplay, it's the classic style that's making games fun again. Look at the popularity of 'Tiny Wings' for example - perhaps one of the simplest games ever created! Or Angry Birds.. I was playing a version of that 10 years ago called Worms..

So for me this is great news. I never did like polygons much anyway ;D There's loads of cool QB stuff we've created between us all that would convert brilliantly well to Smartphones. If only it didn't involve learning Objective C or Java, hmmm..
Whoa, everybody is still here Big Grin. I had a sudden urge to check anything QB related today, glad to see familiar faces still around Wink.
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