Full Version: Oldies still around?
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Still around in some form or other. We FB'ers now hang on freebasic.net and other such places. I've just about left forum posting for dead. I haven't coded much at all since about two years ago. I have worked on an IRC bot, but progress is very slow. Functional it is, however, when I decide to run it...

I do tend to lurk on IRC than anything else. I'm still available on MSN and Yahoo! and Skype. I would like to see us all get together one day for a chat. I think for most of us, real life has taken over. I don't milk cows anymore, lost the job due to a number of factors. Instead I make fences. I'm now enjoying what a real job has to offer: weekends!

>anarky - No longer putting the milk in your coffee.
"Around" is quite a liberal definition if applied to my presence...Holy hell guys, I've been gone for ages now...
I guess I can qualify as an 'oldie', but I don't think my presence here can be qualified as still being 'around', and more like 'visiting every few months'.

Ah well. In the meantime I've more or less graduated from QB/FB and DOS in general. My job has had me programming in C++ for over a year, and now C# with SQL, so it's quite different from my past programming.

I hope everyone's doing fine here Smile
*Waves*  ;D
Hi guys, it's nice to "see some old faces" (you get the idea :lolSmile. I've came here just to check out.

I'm in touch with some of the old timers, mainly Dav "Nekrophidius", Lachie or Josiah Tobim thru' facebook and a few others, but I really miss the good ol' times. Mainly for the chit-chat, the fun, and the jokes. Even the flame wars. It was great fun.

I see that most of us don't do QB anymore, but it would be fine to gather somewhere for the sake of it.

Cheers everyone Smile
Was in the neighborhood, and figured I'd drop by.  I was in high school, maybe middle school when I started posting here; even remember celebrating my 16th with you guys.   Almost finished with college now, and working on my master's.  Time flies.  

Started coding in FB.  Would you believe that I've used it for class at least once a year, every year, since college started?

And I've still never "finished" a game.   Big Grin   I have fond memories of you all.  

[edit] LOL, I still have the NASA avatar!

Does anyone know how Seph is?  I remember he had a son or daughter.  It occurs to me that that child is five or six now, wow!  And rel's 32 bit avatar has probably started school.
I don't know if I classify as an "oldie" or not. I do know that it's been ages since I looked around here last. College work and other interests have gotten in the way of QB/FB. But now I'm working on my CS degree and started poking around for material for an assignment, so... we'll see if I come back or not. Smile

I remember the good old days when there was only one thread going, on aliens, and the few of us still posting were trying to be the last one there. Tongue
I randomly pop in from time to time too... mostly for nostalgia really.

Can't believe how long ago it seems that all the "old timers" use to hang out around here all working on their RPG engines, QB OSes, asm-powered super awesome graphics libraries or whatever else. All we're really missing is the old black theme for the forum, heh.

Haven't touched QB since probably a year or so before I stopped hanging around here I think. I've been working in C# and some PHP jobs for the last few years. And in my spare time if I can actually be arsed to code something, it's usually in C++.

Anyway, great to see this place still exists!
Nice to see old regulars pop in, these forums are a bit of a ghost town but there are still a lot of memories/good information around. I need to look at my site todo list and fix/rework a lot of the site into a more updated/coherent site (but will still a copy for old times sake, as I do have a copy of the now ancient phpBB 1 forum from back in the day).
I visit these forums when I need to hate myself just a little more for wasting so much time with QBASIC.

i still might remake cobra in XNA though

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