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How many still use qb here?
I'm curious, so please answer.
oship me and i will give you lots of guurrls and beeea
I do, but I use FreeBasic, too (don't we all Smile )
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Since I'm on either XP or Ubuntu nowdays, so fB is the most suitable for me.
Quote:Since I'm on either XP or Ubuntu nowdays, so fB is the most suitable for me.

Except win98 not XP.

I have qbasic but I haven't used it in awhile.
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I have QB, and use it some when helping some1 with a code that might work lil diff in FB... But as for coding FB 100% now... :wink:
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i'm basically 100% fb now

i like doing things that qb doesn't, but fb can do in a snap

I tend to prefer making my programs QB-compatible, so I develop using QB and then test in FB. I only encounter minor differences, so it's not really a problem. I'm a pure console programmer right now. Smile

Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm in the process of learning C++ right now.
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i only open qb to test qb-only code that someone needs help with, or to look up ascii codes.

fb all the way, baby 8)
I try to make my FB code QB compatible, but I don't even test it with QB anymore.
i ONLY use Quickbasics, mostly QBX, i do not use FB because it has not an IDE for DOS like Quickbasics, few times i use the interpreter Qbasic I.IO
am the last survivor of the Quickbasics world (at least at qbasicnews).

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