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Anyone remember this game?
There is a very early prototype build of the game available here:

W,S: Move forward and backward respectively.
A,D: Strafe left and right respectively.
Mouse: turn and look around.
Left mouse button: Fire.
Right mouse button: Open doors.
Spacebar: Jump.
Q: Activate Magic Shield.
1 thru 6: Change weapons.

If the game runs in a window, then your video hardware doesn't support its fullscreen resolution. Unfortunately, since this is a prototype build, there's nothing ya can do about it for's not set up to use any other resolution (after all, it IS a prototype, so don't expect perfection just yet). The game is still plagued with a few flaws and this build isn't quite alpha status but it is very playable.

The included level isn't meant to be difficult, it's meant to get the player used to how the game works and plays. The difficulty curve of the game is rather well-balanced IMO, but the later levels are quite difficult.
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Darn. Windowed. Oh well. It looks nice anyway.
quote="Deleter"]judging gameplay, you can adaquately compare quake 4 with pong[/quote]
it wasnt windowed for me, but it did move my screen up slightly, cutting off the bottom half of the words...but still, it was very entertaining

it was kinda like: Wolfenstein + Magic = Big Grin
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Quote:Maybe if you checked the forum you'd know
I have to agree with him though... I'm listed as tester too... but I think you should decentralise it a bit. That site is so hideously slow for me I dont even bother visiting it.

And Nek: sweet ^_^
Can't wait to play it Tongue
Update: Level intros, summaries, and cutscenes are all implemented. Level transitions are almost complete as well...level 2 is almost working but there's some problems with the doors in level 2 and with two of the enemies. Hopefully I can get them worked out quickly. If people would like, once these problems are fixed then I'll put out the one and only alpha version release of the game.

Update part 2: Door problem is fixed now...I forgot to update door directions in the map definitions. :o The original game engine didn't require orientation directions, which was both a blessing and a curse. Smile Enemy problems mostly fixed in level 2, just a couple of glitches left to fix. Level 3 loads but is impassable due to an unimplemented feature of the original game (it is also rather difficult).
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The boss bit was bitchin nek! :D

But over my end, it feels like the y sensitivity is way to high compared to the x sensitivty.
Yeah a lot of people are saying that. Rhiannon tried the game last night and it made her dizzy. Smile I set the mouse sensitivity to 2 in config.ini and it was much better.

[Image: twolords-level3.png]
Level 3 is mostly working now but the level is pretty sparsely "decorated". Needs a bit of work.

Edit: Level 3 is now passable...the missing feature was door type 2, which allows a door object to control another door object (sort of like a switch in Doom). With that working, level 4 can be entered but it is very broken as there's no definition file for it and it uses some features that are, again, currently unimplemented. Level 4 can be entirely played through, but the game goes into an infinite loop if level 5 is entered since the level was never designed and its starting and ending coordinates are both 0...also, since it considers the next level to be 0, the game "locks up" in an infinite loop when trying to load a missing .CIN file.

Fun stuff. Big Grin
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Invert mouse damnit! :lol:
What's with you and the invert mouse stuff? Big Grin
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I suppose she's used to it that way...
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