Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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I think everybody owes you an apology for polluting your thread. If you have a problem with axipher start a new thread.
I don't mind anyone polluting my posts, I encourage it, I just don't think he who started this thread enjoys us polluting his thread with comments about my posting.
I apologize for polluting your thread. Sorry.
I also apologize Liquid Snake, after all I am the center of this pollution.
It's ok. In fact it was pretty funny, but as someone said we're not posting just to post. We post in order to respond to the person with the question right? I personally don't care what you guys say on my threads as long as something relevant to the thread is getting done.

Anyway, you guys didn't really need to apologize for it. Thanks anyway and I forgive you. Smile
Ok, well back to the topic then, is there still room on the development team, I'm just about finished my Paint Program so I'll be looking for my next idea. If there still is room, PM me with all the information I need to know about the project.
Well i don't know if there's much of a team left.. maybe Alex is still.. pretty much all info is in the 1-6 pages i'd say. good luck. Smile
Ok, I'll check them out later.
In about 2 weeks, my first semester ends, after that I'll have quite a lot of time on my hands at least until February. I can at least help with this project.
Ok, well I checked out the pages 1-6 and I think I will help, although first I'll try and figure out what each piece of code does, then i'll try and write some of my own code that works and see how it compares.
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