Full Version: Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
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OK, anyone want the honors of writing the intro?
ASCII could always be added for cut scenes Smile
I'll come up with a few startup screens and we'll go from there, if there are no objections...

We also need to choose btwn these types:

1. Choose Your Own adv., where you choose a number to do

2. Or, type in the command you want, like ZORK.
I'd definetly go with #2. It's alot more fun.

aaahhhh, i remember back to when the only game i had when i was like 10 was Zork Nemises...good game, never beat it, but still a good game...

(one of the only games i've never beaten!, hey, 4 cd's means its a pretty hard game, ok?...) :wink:
Alrighty, I wrote these short intros last night. We can choose which one we want, or see if others want to submit.

Introduction #1:
You wake suddenly, jumping from your resting place - or at least, you wiggle, since you’re strapped down to a table. As you open your eyes, you realize you are stripped of your clothes and in some sort of laboratory. As you lift your head, it gets pulled back down by sensors attached to your scalp. Over your left shoulder, you see a door crack open slightly. A voice whispers, “Press the red button...” and the door slams shut. As it does, you look down at your feet and see a large panel of buttons, switches, and levers. Your toe can barely reach the red, green, and blue buttons that are each stretched off to the side. Even though you were given a suggestion, you seem compelled to press the blue button. What do you do?

Introduction #2:
A light blinds you as you start running. You don’t know why you’re running, but you remember it being important. As you slow down and start absorbing your surroundings, you realize you’re in a jungle. Even though you don’t remember being in a forest, you have a vague recollection of your location. You walk to a sign in the path that reads, “ALL HACKERS WILL BE SHOT!”, and you suddenly realize why you ran so fast. Time is now a problem, and you also have three ways to go. The sign reads “WEST: GATES TOWER”, “EAST: SHIPPING AND RECEIVING”, and “NORTH: SCHEMES AND DASTARDLY PLANS DEPT.” You know you can’t go back.
(Make Shipping and receiving unavailable until later (with overgrown trees))
The first one sounds good, kind of reminds me of the end of the first resident evil movie and the beginning of the second....
after reading those intros, they're both good stories, but the 'What do you do?' part is practically the only part I wouldnt put in there. that makes it seem like a choose your own adventure book. and like liquid snake said, something more like zork would be much funner. :wink:
i think it would be cool to be able to input something like this in a scene:

> take gold from bag
you take the gold from the bag
> count gold
you find 100 gold coins
> drop 5 gold
you drop 5 gold coins
> drop 5 gold coins
you drop 5 gold coins

and on top of that, we could allow (semi)complex sentences:

>Take gold from the bag then drop 5 gold coins then drop 5 gold
you take the gold from the bad
you drop 5 gold coins
you drop 5 gold coins

That's going out of my league. I don't know how to make those complex ones work. You also need to make it user friendly.... For example:

KEY =1
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