Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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Quote:One of the more successful challenges I'd say Smile

Sorry I couldn't enter (I posted on the first page of this thread that I would, but never got past the terrain-making stage...)


Except I never got past the 'stop drinking mass quantities of beer' stage.
My game's not too hard to figure out, hope... I did throw in a bunch of "special" tiles in the end, but they're half-self explanitory. As for a readme, go for it. What kind of problems do you have downloading from my site? Right-click, save target as... should work from the forums.
going to http://send.hokuten.net/ also gives a directory listing.
I agree with Orcale: one of the more successful challenges...
I've checked out some of the entries and I have to say that I'm amazed that one key can still be soo funny :lol:
May the best man win!
Lachie: I eagarly await the opening of the polls, and I congratulate you on a compo well done. This was a true challenge.
Hey Lachie, I know I'm asking for a lot of grace, but I was just now able to get on the internet and upload my final version. Due to school trouble at home and having to use my grandparents' computer/internet, I really was only able to get on tonight to upload the file. It's basically what I had on my web site for the in house demo except with a working high score table and a readme. It's still Friday here, so I hope that counts for something...


I've included a settings.ini file, too, that should allow you to play it in 640x480 mode. (Had run into the Vesa error here, too, and had to come up with a way to test my code.. found that worked.) Please, please accept this. It's just not the same without a high score table for bragging rights.
I did'nt find aout about this challenge until like two days before it was due to close. I couldn't get it all together on time... :oops:

Anyway, that was an interesting proposal.

My idea was a drag-racing game... One Key=GAS!!! :rotfl:
DUDE!!! Make it anyways...just for the hell of it Big Grin
Ryan, no problem. I'm just about to construct the poll thread. Barely got on the net today. Tongue
Thanks, Lachie. Big Grin
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