Full Version: "Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
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didnt he tell you not to start guessing silly nek Tongue
I have this silly tendency to try anyways. Big Grin
Edited and completed!


Spacebar to turn, rotates blue tank 90 degrees clockwise. Grab the all 10 fuel tanks before you run out. Fuel is measured in seconds, btw.

Rocks are obstacles, arrows force you to change direction, and mud will get you stuck for 1 second. The red tank will take away your fuel for every step he touches you.

Modify LoadVariable variables to change starting time, tank speeds, etc. LoadMap to change # of fuel blocks and obstacles.[/b]
:o wow, thats fun
Wee! Another entry! Bit disappointed how the game ends. Do you mind me adding "Game Over" stuff, a menu and such for the final version which will be available for the challenge poll?

I've uploaded it to my account:
I see you changed some stuff, but did you add anything? Do what you want with it, I declare it open-source. I'll add some more work on it, too, I guess.

Easier to edit, edited, fixed.

Rare, blue whirly spots change your rotation direction.
You can die once now (unless you modify that).
Easy to change the starting variables in GameMenu sub.
Customize the background.
Stats correctly displayed on side, no more debug stuff.
ESC pauses, ESC again quits. (sorry, extra key Big Grin )

Happy Thanksgiving, btw!

Sorry. No more time for nitpicks. The versions you've submitted are final ones for the challenge poll. You can continue to work on your entries if you want(Ryan?). Updated versions will be added on the challenge website that I plan to open under special section.

Final entries(7):
Falling Starz by mech1031
Fundee by adosorken(aka Nekrophidius)
Cannons by red_Marvin
The Man Who Had A Boat by Lachie Dazdarian
Red Jumpy Ball by Ryan
Free Fall by RST
Tanks by potato

Fell free to continue posting comments in this thread. Challenge poll
will be probably opened on monday and will last from 10-14 days.
I hope people will be motivated to vote and comment the entries once more.

Thanx to all who participated.
One of the more successful challenges I'd say Smile

Sorry I couldn't enter (I posted on the first page of this thread that I would, but never got past the terrain-making stage...)
I agree. I also could enter. Sorry for the inconvenience Wink.
Potato, I've updated your entry on my account because I had problems downloading it from your site. I made no changes on it. I hope your last version is now by the rules(it has a head and tail) so I won't have to touch it. All I'll do is zip it and maybe add a readme file just with the stuff you wrote in this thread. I mean, people must know how to play it.
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